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RULES & Regulations



Saturday, December 18th, 2021

7:30am to 8:15am-Sign in & Warm Ups

8:30am-Men's Doubles

3:00pm-Women's Doubles [updated]

(8:00pm-Expected End of Play)

Sunday, December 19th, 2021

7:30am to 8:15am-Sign in & Warm Ups [we will start as soon as possible]

8:30am-Mixed Doubles

3:00pm-Men's Singles [updated]

5:00pm-Women's Singles [updated]

(10:00pm-Expected End of Play)

**All finals will be played immediately after semi-finals

***All players must sign in 15min prior the start of each event.

Note: On both Saturday and Sunday, we will be taking a brief break around 2:00pm for announcements and raffles! Make sure you're present for it!



4U Badminton Centre

1303c Aerowood Drive

Mississauga, Ontario  L4W 2P6

*6 Badminton Courts

** Only Badminton shoes are permitted inside the venue



A, B, C, D Waterfall.

-Best of 3 games, Rally points system to 21 per set (Cap at 30).

-Athletes are guaranteed at least 3 matches per event. Walkovers count as a match.

-Participants must sign-in 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

-Upon 3rd and final call, athletes who did not present themselves on court may be disqualified.

-2 minutes warm up starting on 2nd call.

-1 minute break at 11 points intervals, 2 minutes break between sets

-Coaching is only permitted between sets.

-Players are expected to officiate their own games but if dispute persists, please seek support from Control Desk. If applicable, Control Desk’s decision is final.

- Only tournament grade feather shuttlecocks are permitted for the tournament.

-- We ask all players to bring tournament grade shuttles to every game. Such as but not limited to:

- Chaopai: Pink or better

- Yonex AS10 or better

- Aeroplane Green or better

- RSL #5 or better

- Victor Green or better

- Li-Ning 90+ or better

- Otherwise, the shuttles must be labelled as tournament grade.

- Again, players are to officiate their own games. For further concerns about shuttles, Control Desk will sell tournament grade shuttles at $28/dozen.


While the Ontario government issued covid-19 guidelines restrictions have loosened, the health and safety of all our participants comes first. Therefore, our tournament rules & regulations may change according to the government recommendation and guidelines.

  • Due to the sheer number of players and spectators expected at the venue, everyone is required to wear a face mask except when they are competing on court. While we would love to welcome everyone to come and watch some amazing badminton, the facility absolute max capacity . When capacity is reached, we may have to turn spectators away. Therefore, it is very important that should any participants need to exit the venue for any reason, please notify the Control Desk..

  • Temperature and health attestation must be completed prior to entering the venue for all players, coaches, guardians, and spectators. Please ensure you present yourself to the Control Desk prior to entering the court areas.

  • All participants must be fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to the tournament date.

  • Please make sure that your have your government issued ID and Proof of Vaccination ready upon entry. You will only be allowed to go into the club once we have

  • 1) Verified your temperature

  • 2) Your government ID and Proof of Vaccination has been confirmed. (Note: Please have it ready upon entry!)

  • In the event that the tournament is cancelled due to government restrictions, we will refund all entry fees in full.


- We are expecting a white Christmas this year! Please bring a plastic bag to store your outdoor shoes and boots. There may be limited space at the club to store all 180 pairs of shoes, but extra space available in Men/Women Changing room.

- We are also expecting a lot of people at the tournament, please ensure to bring only what you need for your games and the tournament. Make sure to store all your belongings under the benches to maximize the space for all players and spectators.

-We will turn spectators away.

- Our yearly coffee and bubbletea spillage has reached a new record. Only water and sport drinks will be allowed inside the gym. Please eat your food and other types of drinks in the lobby. Without exception and please clean up after. 

- For your Super Shirts: Every registered player will receive a complimentary Super Shirts upon their first Sign-In and the sizes will follow according to the Size you picked during registration. The design of the shirt have already been randomly arranged. Unfortunately, we won't be able to exchange designs

-If you want to upsize your shirt, please do after 12:00pm (lunch) as Control Desk may be too busy signing-in people in prior to that time.

- We will be selling additional Super Shirts throughout the weekend, subject to availability based on sizing.

--$30 per shirts

--$25 per shirts for 2x+

--Shirts will be open for purchase after 12:00pm (lunch) on both Saturday and Sunday.


-Court 1 will be taken down for the Control Desk & additional seating spaces.

-A public-accessible computer will be available for people who would like to look and consult the draw. If needed, please send your questions to the handsome boys and pretty ladies at the Control Desk

-Please save the link to our tournament draw list available via Google Drive. All results will be updated live through it.




November 11th, 2021 until December 5th, 2021

  • $40 for 1x Event

  • $70 for 2x Events

  • $90 for 3x Events

  • Fee includes a Super shirt selected at random & a free entry to our big raffle per event registered.


  • One e-Transfer per registered player. If you would like to arrange registration for several players as once, please contact us at to make the arrangement. 

  • Please email your registration to with:

    • Legal Full Name & any “as known as” (A.K.A.)

    • Gender: Male or Female

    • Partner’s legal full name & any “as known as” (A.K.A.) + Clarify Event (i.e. Partner: John Smith in MD)

    • Contact Email

    • Please clarify the name of the e-Transfer sender

    • Please include the following sentence in the email: 

      • I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (it has been 14 days or more since I have received my second dose of a Canadian-approved vaccine) by the tournament date.

    • US unisex shirt size: Small, Medium, Large, XL (Please pick one!, as a reference, Ho Ming is a medium comfortably...still)

    • Christmas Wishlist!: Share some of your Christmas gifts ideas for our lucky raffles! Something affordable so we can get more gifts for  more lucky winners! :)

  • Please e-Transfer to to complete your entry.

  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

  • We will send a confirmation email to completed entries.



Registration Email  Example:

  • Name: John Smith, aka Johnny

  • Gender: Male

  • Partners: MD - Richard Smith, aka Rich, XD - Marianne Smith, aka Mary

  • Email:

  • eTransfer Sender Name: Wilson Smith

  • I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (it has been 14 days or more since I have received my second dose of a Canadian-approved vaccine) by the tournament date.

  • Shirt Size: Medium

  • Christmas Wishlist: - Junko Pop, Face Masks, and Starbucks gift cards


Registrations: November 8th, 2021 to December 5th, 2021

*** Registration will be closing at 11:59pm on December 5th, 2021

Seeding Period: December 8th, 2021 to December 14th, 2021

Draw Release: December 15th, 2021


-All entries are FINAL as of the entry deadline.

-Withdrawal before the registration is closed will be partially refunded via eTransfer (less admin fee of $10).

-Withdrawal after registration is closed cannot be refunded.

-Deadlines are subject to changes.



-All players are invited to email with their own seeding assessments. Please email us your chronological assessment of Top 8 players/pairs based on the published entry list after registrations are closed.

-Some players may be randomly selected to assist in seeding.


[PRIZES for Winners & Runner-Up of each Division]

A Division: UNLTD Medals** (Gold) & SuperChampion shirt & Cash Prize

- A Runner-Up: Cash Prize + Draw

B Division: UNLTD Medals** (Silver) & SuperChampion shirt

- B Runner-Up: Draw Prize

C Division: UNLTD Medals** (Bronze) & SuperChampion shirt 

- C Runner-Up: Draw Prize

D Division: SuperShirt of your choice

- D Runner0Up: Draw prize



All participants assume all risks, damages, and loss during the tournaments.

-Players under the age of 19 will need to present themselves at the control desk with their guardian during sign-in. Guardian's contact information will be required.

-Players needs to be 13 years of age or above to participate in the tournament.



**By registering for this tournament, you agree to permit photographs and video to be taken of you for uses related to public promotion of UNLTD BADMINTON.


UNLTD BADMINTON, the organizer, reserves the right to make modification to the tournament without prior notice.


We extend our most sincere appreciation to everyone who will be playing in our tournament. This is our yet most ambitious tournament to date with the biggest draw ever. Wait time might be longer than what we would like to and we will try our absolute best to make it as smooth and as pleasant as we can. We thank you for your understanding and we look forward to see you all on court in less than a week's time.



Ho Ming Li,

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